We always bear in mind that you can enjoy our place every time you come.
We cook and serve our cuisine with each season’s best fish, vegetables, and meats.
We have a dinning space where you can relax and enjoy as if your own hiding place.
We all look forward to serving you soon.
Thank you.

店主 料理長 渡辺貴映の画像

We are located next to Yakuba (Town hall). Our restaurant was
designed and constructed by my little brother and a skilled
carpenter, and it looks an ancient house.
You can enjoy seasonal scenes of our garden from your sitting
place, gather around our hearth and taste nostalgic moment,
or take a seat at stylish counter.
We can offer various atmospheres in different spaces
so that you can choose the dining place by your mood.
We can provide you a relax space so that you could forget about
daily life.

店主 料理長 渡辺貴映の画像

Shunmiya Fukurokuju
Owner and Chief chef

Takaharu Watanabe

・racticed at Tokyo Kiccho for 10 years
・Open this restaurant at my home town, Kawaguchiko in 2006 after more practice at western style restaurant
・Licensed cooking FUGU of Tokyo

Introduction video of Fukurokuju

Our safety measure for COVID-19

Our main dining spaces are mainly private rooms.

In addition to above we have been implementing safety measures according
to Green Zone Certificate of Yamanashi Prefecture.

Such as:
All seats are separated by acrylic partitions.
Hand sanitizers are located at the entrance, each room, and in front of bathroom.
Dishes are served for each person not by large plate for the party.
Placed carbon dioxide meter in each room. Partition at casher.
Air conditioner with ventilation and air purifier in each room.
No smoking inside the restaurant, but smoking space at outside.


Shunmiya Fukurokuju is certified restaurant of Green Zone certification.
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Kaiseki has two different meanings
Originally came from Zen monk tried to fill his craving by putting warmed a stone under his clothe. Therefore, it was
originally humble meal. It is composed of a soup with three vegetables.
Cuisine for Haiku party. Haiku is the traditional Japanese short poetry which was important event for higher class noble. It is
composed of 10 dishes from appetizer to sweets.
Typical Japanese cooking
It means cutting meat and simmering vegetables.